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Virtual Adventure


Suz's Virtual Adventure

This is made by myself, Kelly, d, Yam and Michelle for Suz's birthday. It's pretty self-explanatory; it's a Virtual Adventure where you can pretty much decide whichever path to choose. Pretty much. It's a huge project and still not finished, but a majority of the story lines are finished.

It's set in the SG-1 universe and has more pairings than I can count. There should be something for everyone.




Formal Attire Not Required [4703 words] [37k] NEW!
[SHIP, Daniel/Vala, PG-13]
Wherein Daniel is *not* paranoid, Vala broadens her skill sets and Cameron is having way too much fun.

Skirting Around [500 words] [7k]
[SLASH, Jack/Daniel, R]
Requested by: nostalgia_lj
Line: "Why I have breasts?"
Part of the Livejournal Writing Meme

Nocturnal (co-written with Danvers) [726 words] [9k]
[SLASH, PG-13, Jonas/Daniel]

Requested by: danvers
Line: "Barney isn't meant to be scary?"
Part of the Livejournal Writing Meme

Moving Images [531 words] [7k]
[SLASH, PG-13, Jonas/Teal'c]
Requested by:
Line: He was beginning to suspect that Jonas was much more knowledgeable than he appeared.
Part of the Livejournal Writing Meme

Binding Issues [500 words] [7k]
[SLASH, PG-13, Jack/Daniel]
Requested by:
Line: "Here, hold this while I pee."
Part of the Livejournal Writing Meme

R-E-S-P-E-C-T [561 words] [7k]
[SLASH, Jack/Daniel, PWP, NC-17]
Requested by:
Line: "Will you still respect me in the morning?"
Part of the Livejournal Writing Meme

Avon Calling [1095 words] [11k]
[Sam/McKay, angst, R]
Requested by:
Line: "I'd rather kiss a jaffa."
Part of the Livejournal Writing Meme

Perfidia [1452 words] [13k]
Nominated in the Stargate Fan Awards 2005 for best vignette
[SLASH, Jack/Daniel, angst, NC-17]

Wherein Jack is suspiciously clever and Daniel doesn't inspire trust.

[100704] [Added 100105 as for some weird reason, I'd forgotten to before]
Of Voodoo, Mojo And Beer [2646 words] [22k]
[SLASH, Jack/Daniel, angst, R]
Wherein Jack is a drama queen, Sam rises in the ranks (theoretically speaking), Daniel induces paranoia and Teal'c apparently has closet issues

Unfolding [4357 words] [32k]
[SLASH, Jack/Daniel, angst, humor, episode tag, R]
Wherein Jack keeps his cool (kinda) and Daniel doesn't.

Craving [100 words] [3k]
[SLASH, Jack/Daniel, drabble, PWP, R]
Salty goodness.

How Daniel Got His Groove Back [24582 words] [185k]
Nominated in the Stargate Fan Awards 2004 and 2005 for Best Romance
[SLASH, Jack/Daniel, FT, humor, angst, h/c, a/a, NC-17]
Wherein Daniel remembers why he never drinks, Jack has decision anxiety, Teal'c gets to be a spy and Sam has a secret. 

Unending [100 words] [4k]
[SLASH, Jack/Daniel, drabble, angst, G]

In the middle of something, in the middle of nowhere.

Sleepy [4380 words + 2017 words or 2280 words] [29k + 17k or 19k]
[Choose your own pairing, FT, humor, R]
On the tails of a near-disaster, Jack rises to a higher plane of existence, Daniel considers violence, Sam is snarky and Teal'c is a sight for sore eyes.

Slip Ups and Post-Its  [2663 words] [28k]
[SLASH, Jack/Daniel, FT, humor, mini-angst, R]
"Jack, it's happened before," Daniel said matter-of-factly.
"It, it has?" When did the conversation take this turn? Who was this person sitting next to him? When the hell did he make it a habit of stammering anyway? Jack didn't like this at all.


The Stargate characters and their universes are owned by SCIFI and MGM. I have not intended to infringe on any copyright. The characters in this story are not in any way meant to be similar to actual living beings. Well, maybe in my dreams, but thatís another story. No money is being made as a result of this story, but thatís life.

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