by Nel

Rating: R
Category: Drabble, PWP
Pairing: J/D
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Spoilers: Nope
Summary: Salty goodness.
Author's Notes: Purely something to ease my conscience for not being able to write on anything else.

Thanks to Petra for the idea (you were involved in the making of slash... I'm so proud ;)), Suz for the summary and Kelly for being Kelly.


He sucked eagerly, swirling his tongue around the tip of it, licking and slurping. He’d wanted this for so *long*, he almost couldn’t believe that he’d finally gotten to do this.

It’d been so long, too long, and there was nothing that could break his focus.

Suck, lick, swirl…suck, lick, swirl…



“Daniel, geez, will you stop it? You’re making me blush.”

He opened his eyes and looked at Jack. His mouth parted from the lollipop, emitting a loud slurp. “Jealous?”

Jack’s eyes drifted downwards, mesmerized, staring at Daniel’s lips. “Yes.”

Jack moved.

He tasted good as well.


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