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These links are old (ie, I haven't added anything in the last year or so), but they're lovely links never the less, so I'm keeping them up.

ll stargate ll

¤ weird, funny and damn brilliant. visit Danvers' page.

¤ fanfic, vids and funny episode guides on Suz's site. you just gotta love it.

¤ they're few and far between, but you gotta visit D2's Music Video Archive.

¤ vids, vids and more vids. whoo! it even has some MacGyver vids.

¤ another classic music vid site for those who want larger vids.

¤ synopsizes, quotes and reviews up until season 5 can be found here.

¤ some very cool pictures of the stargate.

¤ some brilliant fics by Teand. I've yet to read the fics by Ratadder, so I can't say about those... ;)

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ll due south ll

¤ the due south slash archive.

¤ the due south fanfic archive.

¤ some great due south fics as well as fic from other fandoms by laura j. valentine.

¤ in medias Res, resonants fanfic.

¤ rowan's gorgeous due south fanfic.

¤ www.mrks.org, if you wanna see all the writers that reside therein.

¤ the queen of due south and the sentinel slash, Speranza. if you don't know her, you must immediately go here.

¤ here you'll find anything you'll ever wanna know about due south and more.

¤ and Brighid, who's in my TS links as well.

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ll the sentinel ll

¤ *the* "the sentinel" fanfic archive.

¤ some brilliant stories by Julad. some older stories are harder to find, but it's worth the effort.

¤ Brighid, an author you can't pass by if you're a TS fan.

¤ I haven't read all her stories, but Emily Brunson is a definitive must read for anyone who likes angsty stories.

¤ Martha writes brilliant and beautiful stories that can both be read by geners and slashers alike. take a closer look at her Tristes Tropiques series. she also has a brilliant stargate/sentinel crossover.

¤ gritkitty writes clever clever stories that should be read by everyone.

¤ Kim writes sizzling fics, Linda writes beautiful fics. something for everyone.

¤ wow. amazing stories by Betty Plotnick.

¤ you can read all of Justine's stories and still want more. go and write her some feedback so she does. write more, I mean. she has other fandoms here.

¤ Romslinger writes some wonderfully varied fics, among them some very clever AUs. her Sports Series can be found on 852 Prospect.

¤ Kass writes stories you'll go back and read again and again just for the character interaction.

¤ Mallory Klohn has written some of the most original TS fics that are out there. she also has some due south stories.

¤ Diana Williams writes wonderful TS fics, but she's also involved in several other fandoms.

¤ if you haven't read Sihaya Black's stories, you haven't read TS. especially check out "Those Who Can".

¤ Kit Mason's fanfic, funny and original.

¤ Pares' stories are just classics that must be read. ASAP.

¤ links links links. did I mention links? a whole bunch of authors listed.

¤ nice quality TS music vids, both funny and angsty ones. might take a while to download for those with a slower connection, but well worth the wait.

¤ a music vid page one has to check quite often, because the content changes. another part of Diana Williams' large site.

¤ a huge resource page for TS can be found here.

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ll smallville ll

¤ fanfic by Jenn, who's written some pretty amazing stories and always writes Clark and Lex spot on. she's written various other fandoms as well.

¤ the Smallville slash archive.

¤ Te's original fics, and not just in the Smallville fandom.

¤ Smallpark. because it's just so damn funny.

¤ Lanning Cook's site rocks. why? because it has the Identical series. go read.

¤ Chandler's Field is a rec page with such gorgeous layout I just had to put it up in my links.

¤ fanfic by Punk.

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ll graphics ll

¤ Annika von Holdts' gorgeous site with brushes and other things of interest.

¤ some lovely art and brushes.

¤ you like dragons, you'll like this. even though the layout kinda scares me.

¤ lots and lots of cool clipart themes, like Egyptian, Medieval and Sci-Fi to mention a few.

¤ very good link page to various fonts, graphics and pictures.

¤ you need Flash 6 to be able to watch the flash animations here, but it's well worth it.

¤ beautiful artwork by the talented Alice.

¤ stunning page with art and brushes.

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ll writing resources ll

¤ Bartleby.com, whenever you need a litteral reference.

¤ Fanfiction Cheat Sheet Index, a page *every* fanfic writer should bookmark.

¤ some tips from on how to get published, if that's what your heart's desire.

¤ another "every fanfic write should bookmark this" site.

¤ just a fun page to go through it you're going to use Latin in your story.

¤ this is just something all the slash writers should bookmark. the rest of you can breathe easier ;)

¤ just plain grammar.

¤ sick of writing? go here and relax for a while.

¤ Merriam-Webster, when you run out of words.

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The Stargate characters and their universes are owned by SCIFI and MGM. I have not intended to infringe on any copyright. The characters in this story are not in any way meant to be similar to actual living beings. Well, maybe in my dreams, but thatís another story. No money is being made as a result of this story, but thatís life.

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