Moving Images
by Nel

Rating: PG-13
Fandom: Stargate SG-1
Pairing: Jonas/Teal'c
Requested by: suzvoy
Summary: He was beginning to suspect that Jonas was much more knowledgeable than he appeared.
Author's Notes: Part of the LJ Writing Meme.

This felt like it was so hard to write, since the person who normally reads through my stuff? Yeah, it's her ficlet...

So, this time, no thank-yous to Suz. Just a simple:

For you.

When JonasQuinn had asked him the question, Teal’c’s first impulse had been to direct him to MajorCarter; he was quite certain that she would know more about the subject than he did.

However, he’d taken it upon himself to make the transition from Kelowna to Earth a bit smoother for Jonas, so he would do so. He had to admit, though, that he wasn’t completely certain of the answer to, “How do you date on Earth?”

Dating was one Earth activity he hadn’t tried, but he’d listened to enough nurses in the infirmary to know the basic theory.

“It is customary to bring your date to the movies and then buy him or her a drink,” he announced solemnly.

JonasQuinn seemed to consider this. “What kind of movie should I take her to then?”

Teal’c only hesitated a moment. “A movie of the romantic kind.”

Jonas made a face. “Never really been one for romantic movies.”

Teal’c nodded. JonasQuinn had joined him many times late at night as he was watching The Twilight Zone when he could have joined DoctorFraiser in her habitual movie watching (“I have to use the TV in my office for something.”).

“I realize this is a really stupid question,” JonasQuinn looked uncomfortable, “but do you think you could come with me one time? To show me how it works?”

Teal’c almost frowned. “You wish for me to accompany you and your date?”

Jonas laughed. “No, I meant only you and me.” He seemed embarrassed.

Teal’c could feel his face soften. JonasQuinn had only been on earth for six months, and although he was knowledgeable about much, there were some things he still required assistance with. Assistance Teal’c was happy to provide.

He smiled at Jonas. “It would be my pleasure.”

Jonas perked up. “Great! I, uh, I’ll pick you up at eight?”

Teal’c’s face didn’t move a muscle. “Eight thirty. I believe I need to do my hair.”


The movie was quite entertaining, although there wasn’t much romance involved. Teal’c decided that he didn’t mind. He found himself fascinated with the amount of beating the hero seemed capable of taking; beating he knew would have him lying on the ground in a bloody heap.

They went to a café afterwards, since Teal’c didn’t drink, where Jonas bought him a Coke, insisting that since they were on a date he was buying.

Teal’c found it endearing.

He caught himself enjoying himself more than he should and sternly reminded himself that this was for Jonas’ sake, not his own.

The night air was chilly as they walked to O’Neill’s car (“One scratch, and I’ll bust,” O’Neill had looked him up and down, “Jonas’ ass.”). He seated himself behind the wheel before turning to JonasQuinn and smiling. “I had a very pleasant time tonight.”

Jonas smiled back. “So did I.” Then he leaned over and pressed his lips to Teal’c’s, possessively slipping his tongue into Teal’c’s mouth as the rest of him followed into Teal’c’s lap.

He was beginning to suspect that Jonas was much more knowledgeable than he appeared.

He returned the kiss with fervor and though that this dating thing was really quite an ingenious idea.


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