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Good Guys Don't Always Wear White
[31000 words] [255kb] NEW!
[SLASH, Sheppard/McKay, AU, crossover/fusion, first time, action/adventure, NC-17]
Wherein Rodney feels transparent, John shows his true colors and Teyla has a special touch.

[1599 words] [16kb] NEW!
[SLASH, Sheppard/McKay, first time, PG-13]
Wherein there is something strange about Rodney.

[2365 words] [20kb] NEW!
[HET, Teyla/Rodney, PWP, NC-17]
Wherein Teyla finds a new appreciation for Rodney's talents, and Rodney sees another side of Teyla.

Terra Firma [2144 words] [16kb]
[GEN/PRESLASH, Sheppard, episode tag, h/c, PG-13]

Wherein John is fine. Absolutely fine.

It Starts With An Earthquake [3121 words] [21kb] NEW!
[SLASH, Shep/McKay, angst, apocafic, R]

God. What kind of team were they, leaving one of their own behind?

Uncomplicated [1859 words] [17kb]
[SLASH, Ronon/Shep, angst, PG-13]

Wherein there are sweaty men, violence, complications and a vacuum cleaner.

Sucking It Up [1892 words] [17kb]
[SLASH, Shep/McKay, humor, first time, PWP, NC-17]

“What do you mean you don't like it? I'm switching teams for you and you're telling me that it's getting me *less* sexual positions?”

The Adventures Of John Doe And The Hot Stranger [7137 words] [57kb]
[SLASH, Shep/McKay, humor, first time, NC-17]
On Stargate Atlantis today: intrigue, amnesia, explosions and sex.

Dramatis Personae [1562 words] [14k]
[SLASH, Shep/McKay, romance, first time, R]

Wherein there is leather, food, flirting hearsay and drama.

Immovable Force [2854 words] [23k]
[SLASH, Shep/McKay, angst, ep tag, NC-17]

Rodney always pushes, but it's never been too far before.

Nominated in the McShep Awards for Best Angst

Atlantis - Rodney's POV [1809 words] [17k]
[SLASH, Shep/McKay, angst, PG-13]

Things were made to be solved, and if they weren’t solvable, they were boring. He's a long way from bored.

Six Degrees of Transformation [16319 words] [123k] [COMMENTARY]
[SLASH, Shep/McKay, angst, a/a, humor, first time, NC-17]
Rodney goes online and John has bad dreams. A story wherein no new confidence in the Ancients is found, but new stuff is.

Nominated in the McShep Awards for Story 2005 and Best Angst and nominated in the Stargate Fan Awards for Best Drama

As You Wish, part 2 [7562 words] [61k]
[SLASH, Shep/McKay, humor, a/a, angst, R]

Wherein John spends a lot of time on his back, Rodney sulks, Ford reveals culinary secrets and Teyla gets to the be the bad cop.

As You Wish, part 1 [8910 words] [64k]
[SLASH, Shep/McKay, humor, a/a, angst, R]
Wherein McKay is very happy, John is very alarmed, Ford is philosophical, Teyla loses her patience, Elizabeth is amused and Carson brings out the heavy tools.

Textbook Example [2124 words] [19k]
[SLASH, Shep/McKay/Ford, humor, NC-17]

Wherein McKay, Sheppard and Ford make first contact and come in peace

Nominated in the McShep Awards for Best Threesome


The Stargate characters and their universes are owned by SCIFI and MGM. I have not intended to infringe on any copyright. The characters in this story are not in any way meant to be similar to actual living beings. Well, maybe in my dreams, but that’s another story. No money is being made as a result of this story, but that’s life.

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