18 of November

Added a new SGA vid, Girlfriend.

19th of September

Added a new SGA vid, I Like The Way You Move.

23rd of August

Added a new SGA AU fic, Good Guys Don't Always Wear White.

15th of December

Added a holiday SGA vid, It Came Upon A Midnight Clear.

22nd of October

Added a new SGA fic, Subtle.

21th of October

Added a new SGA fic, my first Teyla/Rodney, Unexpected.

28th of September

Added a new SG-1(!) fic, Daniel/Vala -- Formal Attire Not Required.

19th of September

Added a SGA vid, Alone Now.

7th of September

Added a new SGA fic, Terra Firma.

28th of August

Added a new multifandom vid as a belated xmas gift for D, Fascinating New Thing.

18th of June

Added a new vid, my first DS one to boot, Look Up.

7th of June

Note on Surrender.

I've also forgotten to mention that I've put up my latest SGA fic, It Starts With An Earthquake. I blame being away from home at the time and not wanting to tamper with the site without the aid of a web-editor.

20th March (again!)

God bless insomnia, eh? Finished an SGA vid, Special.

20th of March

New/old SGA fic, Uncomplicated. I wrote it some time ago on my Livejournal, but this is the first time I've put it up on my site. It's a birthday story for D.

I also put up a link for Sucking It Up, another story I seem to have forgotten about. So, two fics in one stone!

18th of December

New SGA fic, The Adventures Of John Doe And The Hot Stranger.

26th of October

I don't know exactly how long the page was down, since I spent the weekend at a place with no computers, but suffice to say, I was freaked when I got home to discover that I no longer had a website.

It was a simple enough matter to fix; my paid time had run out and my host had just cut me off, without sending me a notice or wondering if I wanted to prolong my server time. Well, as I'm here now, I bought another two years (their customer service may suck, but they're *really* cheap) and voila, here I am. Pertifity should be around for another two years at least.

26th of September

Added new SGA vid, Hysteria.

12th of September

Added a new multifandom vid.

18th of August

Added a new SGA fic, Dramatis Personae.

20th of June

Fixed a few small things around the site and remade the vid page by adding some pics and putting up the vids by fandom.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to tell you how much Ness kicks ass by generously sharing some space with me, so that I can continue making vids without being forced to remove any.

Shortly, I'll be moving my vids to her space so that I can upload any new vids directly to my server. The links will still be here, you guys won't notice any difference.

11th of June

Added a new SGA vid, Once More (...with feeling)

14th of April

Added a new SGA fic, Immovable Force.

30th of March

Added two new SGA fics, Six Degrees of Transformation and Atlantis - Rodney's POV. Atlantis has been on my LJ for a few weeks, but Six Degrees is brand new. Enjoy.

13th of February

Added part 2 of As You Wish.

8th of February

Added a new Atlantis vid, Apocalypse Please.

17th of December

Added a new Smallville vid, Farther Away, a christmas gift for Suz.


1th of December

Added a new Firefly vid, Answer.

29th of october

Added a revised version of Holding Out for a Hero. No new clips or anything, just fixed the timing that didn't work. (Although, I'd like to say for the record that the timing was working in the original file, it was simply the converter program that was wonky.)

26th of October

Added an Atlantis fic, Textbook Example. Silliness.

18th of October

Added the final fic of the Livejournal Writing Meme. It's a Due South fic called Cold Nights in the Yukon. Hope you enjoy. :)

13th of October

Put up a link for a SG-1 Virtual Adventure that was made for the ever lovely Suz.

3rd of October

New Atlantis vid, Holding Out for a Hero.

30th of September

Updated with a whole bunch of new ficlets from the Livejournal Writing Meme. Ten ficlets from five different fandoms.

24th of September

Added a new Stargate SG-1 vid, My Favorite Game.

14th of September

Added a new Smallville vid, Mad World.

11th of September

Added a new J/D fic, Perfidia.

20th of August

Just a small update, I've put up some Coming soon stuff and tagged a couple of fic nominations on a couple of my fics. *bounce*

18th of July

New music vid, Tourniquet, up. It's a Smallville vid made together with Suzvoy.

1th of July

New fic, Of Voodoo, Mojo and Beer.

30th of June

This particular update is *way* overdo mainly because my memory *sucks*. The content of the update was finished months ago, and the lovely Danvers who made it for me prolly thinks it sucks or something and that's why I haven't posted it.

Trust me, D, it does rock. I'm just a sad person who forgets stuff a lot.

So, I present to you, the edited version of Torment. Do note that you prolly shouldn't check the link unless you've read the actual story Torment.

6th of June

Finally finished the next part of the Surrender series; *really* sorry it took so long. Last time I finished a part I said it wouldn't take as long as it had that time, and it took twice the time, so I won't promise anything this time.

The story is called A Demon in My View. I hope you enjoy.

27th of May

I forgot to say that I've put up a new Firefly vid on my vid page. It's called "She's So High" and it's a Mal/Inara vid.

Yes, this badass slasher has ship leanings. Scary.

Also, for today's update I have two new fics; one drabble, Craving, and a Lost City episode tag, Unfolding.

Have fun :)

13th of May

New vid, Imaginary, and my very first Firefly at that. It's River centered, because my love for that girl is without bounds. Hope you enjoy!


18th of April

Put up a new Stargate vid, made together with Sage Theory, Close Up. It's a Jack/Daniel vid, and strangely enough the first one I've made. Hope you enjoy.


5th of April

Silly update this time. I'm just updating to let you know that you can join my update list and see when I update. Heh.

You can use this box below if you wanna join.

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21th of March, 2004

I put a new music vid up, Whisper. It's Teal'c/Daniel, slash or friendship depending on what way you see it, plenty of angst. I hope you enjoy.


10th of March, 2004

Yes, the site has finally gotten a whole new rehaul. The layout was originally for a rec project that never saw the light of day, called Yin 'n Yang (are you sensing the fancy symbolism?), but I figured since it didn't seem to be leaving the ground any time this century, it was kinda silly keeping a layout on my computer that was prettier than the one on my website.


22nd of February, 2004

Finally finished the story I've been working on for the last two years, How Daniel Got His Groove Back. It's now up for everyone's reading pleasure.

Also put up a new section, music vids.

A lot of broken links were also fixed.


8th of January, 2004

Added a drabble, Unending.


27th of November, 2003

Added a new fic, Reminiscence.


28th of September, 2003

Added a new fic, Torment.


19th of September, 2003

Added a new fic, Surrender.


11th of September, 2003

just added a button for "Our Boy".


4th of September, 2003

a new fanfic, Sleepy, has been added. it's a "choose your own ending" fic, one slash and one... *drums* ship.

I know, shocking isn't it...


1th of September, 2003

put up a guestbook, doodled a bit with some details and put up stargate reviews.


31th of August, 2003

I put the links page up, since someone asked oh so politely for me to do that *sticks tongue out at Kelly*



30th of August, 2003

I put the page up. not that much of an update, but a definite improvement. ;) a new fic will be up shortly.

now, be a doll and sign my guestbook. you know you wanna.