Just Another Day in Smallville
by Nel

Email: nel_ani@yahoo.se
Rating: PG
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Clex
Requested by: yamadara
Summary: "I love my wiener!"
Author's Notes: Hope you enjoy, Yam :)

Lex had always considered himself a relatively sane person, a feat he was proud of considering his father and the fact that he lived in a town where the word weird had lost its meaning.

But as he opened the door to the Kents’ house (which he had knocked on) and heard the words, ”I love my wiener! Yes, I do! Yes, I do!” by none other than Jonathan “I’ll-rip-your-guts-out-if-you-breathe-too-loud-around-me” Kent, he started to wonder if he was right.

Walking quietly, he peeked into the living room.

Martha and Jonathan were standing with their backs towards him, cooing at something, while Clark was sitting in a chair next to them, an amused expression on his face.

Lex was sure that he didn’t make a noise, but by some weird (with his luck, probably meteorite induced) sixth sense, Clark turned his head and looked straight at Lex.

Lex made an “I’m not here” kind of gesture, and Clark nodded. “Um, I’m just, um, going to the barn,” he said loudly.

Lex resisted the impulse to make a face. And here he thought Clark couldn’t be worse at lying than he already was. How refreshing to be proved wrong.

The poorness of the lie didn’t matter, though; the Kent parents didn’t cease their cooing, and Clark left the room unnoticed. Smiling at Lex, he motioned with his head to the kitchen door. “Let’s go outside.”

Everything was reassuringly normal outside; the birds were twittering, the sun was shining and somewhere someone was probably mutating into a cow. Just another day in Smallville.

He looked at Clark who walked next to him, looking relaxed and happy. “What’s wrong with your father?”

Clark sniggered a bit at that. “Lana bought a wiener dog and I’m dog sitting for her. Or,” he amended, “I was until my parents came home.”

“If I knew that was the way to get into your father’s graces, I would have gotten a kennel,” Lex said lightly.

Clark didn’t say anything – they’d had this discussion before, Clark insisting that his dad liked Lex deep down and Lex insisting that he really really didn’t – but he bumped his shoulder into Lex’s and suddenly Lex couldn’t help but feel a bit optimistic. Like maybe Jonathan Kent might not hate his guts quite so much one day. After all, he’d never thought he would find a friend in Smallville.

“I actually think he likes the dog better than Lana anyway,” Clark said they stepped into the barn.

Lex opened his mouth to reply only to find it otherwise occupied as Clark suddenly pressed him against the now closed barn door, hands eagerly unbuttoning his shirt.

He moaned into Clark’s mouth and moved his head to lick along his jaw.

Clark shivered and stroked what he could reach of Lex’s skin from the buttons he’d managed to open. “I missed you this week-end.”

“I got detained in Metropolis,” he answered, thinking of the desk in his office covered in boring papers.

Thank god he was back.


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